• The average normal infant born in the United States weighs between 12 and 14 pounds at the age of three months. Therefore, if a three-month-old child weighs only 10 pounds, its weight gain has been below the United States average. Which of the following indicates a flaw in the reasoning above?
  • I am afraid that Sebastian Vettel will not win the Formula 1 World Championship because he moved to Ferrari this season. The argument above is based on which of the following assumptions? (i) One must drive for Red Bull in order to win the Formula 1 World Championship. (ii) One can’t win the Formula 1 World Championship if he drives for Ferrari. (iii) One can only win the Formula 1 World Championship if he doesn’t drive for Ferrari.
  • The number of boats sold in 1973 was greater than the number of boats sold in 1987. However, more money was spent buying boats in 1987 than was spent buying boats in 1973. Which of the following statements can be properly inferred from the statements above?
  • Between Rakibul, Tabasser and Zihan some are telling the truth while some are lying. All of them might be telling the truth or lying at the same time. The following conversation took place: Zihan to Rakibul: Rakibul, are you a liar? Rakibul answered, which Zihan could not understand. Then he asked Tabasser: What did Rakibul say? Tabasser: Rakibul says he is a liar. Rakibul: No! Tabasser is lying. What can be understood from the above information?
  • Employee complaint: There aren’t enough parking spaces in the employee parking lot to accommodate all the people who work here. Employer’s response: The complaint isn’t true. No one who gets to work on time has trouble finding parking space. Only if you are late to work are you unlikely to be able to find a space. Which of the following, if true, gives the reason why the employer’s response fails to address the substance of the issue raised in the complaint?
  • Most employees in the computer industry move from company to company, changing jobs several times in their careers. However, Summit Computers is known throughout the industry for retaining its employees. Summit credits its success in retaining employees to its informal, nonhierarchical work environment. Which of the following, if true, most strongly supports Summit's explanation of its success in retaining employees?
  • Neither a rising standard of living nor balanced trade, by itself, establishes a country's ability to compete in the international marketplace. Both are required simultaneously since standards of living can rise because of growing trade deficits and trade can be balanced by means of a decline in a country's standard of living. If the facts stated in the passage above are true, a proper test of a country's ability to be competitive is its ability to _______________.
  • When hypnotized subjects are told that they are deaf and are then asked whether they can hear the hypnotist, they reply, "No." Some theorists try to explain this result by arguing that the selves of hypnotized subjects are dissociated into separate parts, and that the part that is deaf is dissociated from the part that replies. Which of the following challenges indicates the most serious weakness in the attempted explanation described above?
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