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Comprehension Hard 4

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    Question 1-3 Can you imagine a deaf woman writing stories about a war? Well, Laura Redden Searing did this. Moreover, she went to foreign countries to write stories. She was very ill when she was 11 years old. Because of this, she lost her hearing. She went to the Missouri School for the Deaf. Laura was 19 years old when she went to work for a newspaper. She wrote about people, places, and art. In 1859, most women were wives and mothers. They did not work outside the home; otherwise, their husbands would be angry. Due to this feeling, Laura used a man's name when she wrote her stories. She called herself Howard Glyndon. She thought that unless she used a man's name, people would be hostile since they did not think that women should write for newspapers. However, she would have no trouble provided that people did not know she was a woman. According to the passage, Laura Redden ----.
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    It is implied in the passage that in the 19th century, women ----.
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    It is easy to infer from the passage that ----.
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    Question 4-6 Sometimes an animal copes with a changed situation, not by adapting to it, but by moving from it to another location. There it may still have to adapt, but the type of adaptation may be easier. There are primitive races of man that have attempted to avoid the pressures or changes that civilization brings. They have had to adjust to living in remote or harsh condition. Examples are the pygmies of the Congo who have escaped into the thickest jungles which are full of dangers. They have learned to obtain a living there and to cope with wild animals. African bushmen manage to live off the arid Kalahari Desert where there is hardly any other life. Life is tough for the bushmen but they are left in peace. These social adaptations could well lead to biological adaptations over a number of generations, but this is a very slow progress and it is unlikely that any one person would be aware of it taking place. Instead of adapting, an animal ----.
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    Some earliest human beings ----.
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    It is clear in the passage that ----.
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    Question 7-8 Early man know about the natural fire of lightning and volcanoes long before he began to use fire himself. He didn't know what fire was, but he had seen the damage it could cause. Fire was powerful and dangerous, and so he was frightened. Greek legend tells how Prometheus stole fire from God Zeus, and brought it to Earth for man to use. Zeus was very angry. He ordered Prometheus to be chained to a rock. Every day an eagle pecked out his liver, and every night his liver grew again. So Prometheus suffered a terrible punishment for his deed. The name "Prometheus" means "the fore thinker". One Greek philosopher wrote that all arts, all skills, men owe to the forethinker. By this he meant that civilization is founded on fire and using fire. When man eventually learned how to use fire, he guarded it carefully. Some ancient peoples worshiped fire as a goddess. Even when man learned to make fire whenever he liked, often kept sacred fires burning. It's obvious from the passage that Prometheus ----.
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    It is made clear in the passage that ----.
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    Question 9-10 There are many times when someone suffering from either mental illness or depression may not even realize there is a problem. I have suffered from depression myself. I was completely unaware of what was wrong with me, my family doctor pointed it out to me, as I did not have any one else around me that recognized the symptoms. It was hard for me to accept at first, but after having the hard facts placed in front of my face and understanding that it may get worse, I had no choice but to get help. A lot of people who suffer from such problems tend to be more alone than anyone realizes. I suspect that anyone who was unaware of their condition would probably be shocked, as I was, to have someone confront them about it. A good friend would confront them anyway, and hopefully they would seek help. It can be understood from the passage that ----.
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    Someone who is suffering from either mental illness or depression ----.
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