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Comprehension Medium 5

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    Questions 1-3 Many women in Western society, aware of the power of names to influence identity, are aware that choosing how to identify themselves alter marriage can be a significant decision. They may follow the tradition of taking their husband's last name, hyphenate their own name and their husband's, or keep their birth name. One fascinating survey reveals that a woman's choice is likely to reveal a great deal about herself and her relationship with her husband. Women who take their husband's name place the most importance on relationships. On the other hand, women who keep their birth names put their personal concerns ahead of relationships and social expectations. Female forms of address influence others' perceptions as well. Research conducted in the late 1980s showed that women who choose the title Ms give the impression of being more achievement oriented, socially self-confident, and dynamic but less interpersonally warm than counterparts who prefer the more traditional forms Miss or Mrs. According to the passage, women who take their husband's name ----.
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    We conclude from the passage that the names and titles women choose after getting married ----.
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    it is stated in the passage that women who use the title Ms ----.
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    Questions 4-5 Tea had a reputation for being both safe and almost always beneficial. However, scientists are now suggesting that tea may not be as safe as we had previously believed. Tea contains caffeine, and caffeine has been linked to sleeplessness and to the unpleasant jumpy feeling some people get when stressed. More seriously, there is a link between miscarriages, and pregnant women are advised to reduce their intake of tea until after their baby is born. Due its dangerous side-effects, many people who drink a lot of tea solve the problem by drinking a beverage from which the caffeine has been removed, decaffeinated tea, but others claim that it simply doesn't taste right. The sensible course is probably one of moderation: continue to enjoy your cup of tea, but don't enjoy too many! As it is pointed out in the passage, tea used to be considered to be ----.
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    According to the passage, tea can be dangerous because it ----.
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    Questions 6-8 The sheer number of people in a group affects the amount of communication. Consider the difference between communication between two friends and communication in a group of live people. When friends talk, there are two people sending and receiving messages. In a group of live, there are live people doing the same thing. Each idea that is expressed must be understood by four others, who may also choose to respond. Consequently, the greater number of people in a group, the fewer contributions any individual may make. Because there are disadvantages to large groups, you might assume that small groups would be the most effective.However, groups can be too small as well as 100 large. With 100 few members, a group has limited resources, which eliminates a primary advantage of groups for decision making. Also, in very small groups, members may be unwilling lo disagree or criticize each other's ideas. I believe that five to seven members is the ideal size for a small group. We can conclude from the reading that in large groups ----.
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    According to the passage, small groups ----.
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    The author of the article suggests that ----.
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    Questions 9-10 Motherly love by its very nature is unconditional. Mother loves the newborn infant because it is her child, not because the child has fulfilled any specific condition, or lived up to any specific expectations. Unconditional love corresponds to one of the deepest longings, not only of the child, but also of every human being. On the other hand, to be loved because of one's merit or because one deserves it, always leaves doubt and there is always a fear that love could disappear. Furthermore deserved love easily leaves a bitter feeling that one is not loved for himself but is loved only because he pleases, and that he is not loved at all but used. No wonder that we cling to the longing for motherly love, as children and also as adults. One can conclude from the reading that in order for a mother to love her child, ----.
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    It is understood from the passage that if you are to do something to be loved, ----.
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