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Comprehension Medium 3

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    Question 1-2 Although there is a great deal of variation within each gender, on the average men and women discuss a surprisingly different range of topics. According to some studies, women and men ranging in age from seventeen to eighty described the range of topics each discussed with friends of the same sex. Certain topics were common to both men and women: work, movies, and television proved to be frequent topics for both groups. The differences between men and women were more striking than the similarities. Female friends spent much more time discussing personal and domestic subjects, relationship problems, family, health and reproductive matters, weight, food and clothing. Men, on the other hand, were more likely to discuss music, current events, sports and business. Women were more likely to gossip about close friends and family. By contrast, men spent more time gossiping about sports figures and media personalities. These differences can lead to frustration when men and women try to converse with one another. It is stated in the passage that women ----.
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    According to the passage, men ----.
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    Questions 3-5 One of the major processes that takes place in schools, of course, is that students learn. When they graduate from high school, many can use a computer, write essays with three-part theses, and differentiate equations. In addition to learning specific skills, they learn to think critically, to weigh evidence and to develop independent judgment. The extent to which this development takes place is related to both school and home environments. Teachers who are more open to new ideas and less authoritarian produce students who have greater intellectual flexibility and higher achievement test scores. Studies show that teachers are most demanding when they are of the same social class as their students. The greater the difference between their own social class and that of their pupils, the more rigidly they structure their classrooms and the fewer demands they place on their students. It is stated in the passage that teachers who are more open to new ideas ----.
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    We learn from the reading that when students graduate from high school ----.
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    According to the reading, it is true that ----.
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    Questions 6-7 There is considerable evidence that irrigation may have played a pivotal role in the foundation of the earliest civilizations, such as that of Sumer in the Tigris-Euphrates valley. The reasons for the influence of irrigation are twofold. The development of irrigation allowed for extremely efficient agricultural production, creating the surplus of food resources that must serve as the foundation for any civilization. Furthermore, constructing the elaborate system of canals and drainage networks was a task of tremendous complexity. The centers of commerce, administration, and science that accomplished the task eventually blossomed into the cities that served as the cornerstone of Sumerian civilization. The second sentence (“The reasons…are twofold”) refers to
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    As used in this passage, the word “tremendous” most nearly means
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    Questions 8-9 The city of Havana stands today as a testament to its turbulent yet glorious history. This lively center of all things Cuban looks today as much as it did when it was built more than 100 years ago. An air of distinction and wealth, albeit now somewhat faded, lingers in its neighborhoods. Spanish architecture, a symbol of a colonial past, graces the city, though the paint and plaster of many of the buildings have chipped and peeled as the years have passed. Amidst the gentle aging of this great city, it is the generosity and friendliness of the residents that have allowed Havana to survive and flourish. As used in this passage, the word “air” most nearly means
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    With which of the following statements would the writer most likely agree?
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    Recently, I casually looked through a journal from my childhood. The pages were filled with ragged cartoons that seemed to have been drawn by someone else. Yet, as I flipped toward the end of the book, these awkward, almost unrecognizable creations from my past slowly began to come alive with familiarity. One page, covered in a mess of squares and stick figures depicting a billiards game, captured my attention. Suddenly I felt transported back to my grandparents’ musty basement game room, even recalling my older brother’s victorious taunts. I turned to the next page eagerly, now exhilarated by a sense of deep connection to this record of bygone years. The author implies that he only “casually looked” (line 1) through the childhood journal because
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