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Comprehension Medium 1

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    Question 1-3 It often appears that we have more to gain by speaking than by listening. One big advantage of speaking is that it gives you a chance to control others' thoughts and actions. Whatever your goal is, the key to success seems to be the ability to speak well. Another apparent advantage of speaking is the chance it provides to gain the admiration, respect, or liking of others. Finally, talking gives you the chance to release energy in a way that listening can't. In the same way, you can often lessen your anger by letting it out verbally. According to the passage, speaking can result in ----.
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    As it is stated in the passage, speaking ----.
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    The article is mainly about ----.
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    Questions 4-5 When the air is clear, the sunset will appear yellow, because the light from the sun has passed a long distance through air and the blue light has been scattered away. If the air is polluted with small particles, natural or otherwise, the sunset will be redder. Sunsets over the sea may also be orange, due to salt particles in the air. The sky around the sun is seen reddened, as well as the light coming directly from the sun. This is because all light is scattered relatively well through small angles, but blue light is then more likely to be scattered twice over the greater distances, leaving the yellow, red and orange colors. As it is pointed out in the passage, the color of the sunset ----.
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    As it is pointed out in the passage, ----.
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    Questions 6-8 Scratchy throats, stuffy noses and body aches all spell misery, but being able to tell if the cause is a cold or flu may make a difference in how long the flu lasts. That's because the prescription drugs available for the flu need to be taken soon after the illness sets in although the symptoms can be eased with over the counter medications. As for colds, the sooner a person starts taking over-the-counter remedy, the sooner relief will come. Cold symptoms such as stuffy nose, runny nose and scratchy throat typically develop gradually, and adults and teens often do not get a fever. On the other hand, fever is one of the characteristic features of the flu for all ages. And in general, flu symptoms including fever and chills, sore throat and body aches come on suddenly and are more severe than cold symptoms. According to the passage, knowing the cause of scratchy throats, stuffy noses and body aches ----.
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    According to the passage, to combat the flu effectively, ----.
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    It is pointed out in the reading that ----.
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    Question 9-10 Much of the blood on the street flows essentially from uncivil behavior of drivers who refuse to respect the legal and moral rights of others. So the massacre on the road may be regarded as a social problem. Safety standards for vehicle have been raised both at the point of manufacture and through periodic road-worthiness inspections. In addition, speed limits have been lowered. Due to these measures, the accident rate has decreased. But the accident experts still worry because there has been little or no improvement in the way drivers behave. According to the passage, traffic accidents may be regarded as a social problem since ----
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    According to the passage, the number of accidents has fallen because ----.
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