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Comprehension Easy 5

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    Question 1-3 The sad situation of the homeless remains a problem. It is difficult to estimate how many people are homeless because the number depends on how the homeless are defined. There are street people - those who sleep in bus stations, parks, and other areas. Many of these people are youthful runaways. There are the so-called sheltered homeless - those who sleep in government supported or privately funded shelters. Many of these individuals used to live with their families or friends. While street people are almost always single, the sheltered homeless include numerous families with children. Conservatives argue that many homeless are alcoholics, drug users, or mentally ill. In contrast, many liberals argue that homelessness is caused by a reduction in welfare benefits and by excessively priced housing. They want more shelters to be built for the homeless. We can understand from the reading that the number of homeless people ----.
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    According to the passage, liberals ----.
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    It is clearly stated in the reading that the sheltered homeless ----.
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    Question 4-6 Often the oil contains natural gas. It is dissolved in the oil because of the high pressure deep underground. When the drill penetrates the oil-bearing layer this pressure is released. It provides a tremendous thrust and may be sufficient to bring all the oil to the surface. If the gas pressure is not sufficient a pumping station must be built to bring up the oil. This increases the cost of the drilling operation. In its natural 'crude' state oil consists of a mixture of various substances called hydrocarbons. These substances must be separated according to their densities, and purified. This process is called refining. It is clear in the passage that ----.
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    Oil ----.
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    It could be drawn out of the passage that ----.
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    Question 7-8 A tic is a repeated, impulsive action, reflexive in nature, which the actor feels powerless to control or avoid. Only when the individual performs the tic, is tension and anxiety released within the individual with a tic disorder. Tics can be triggered by an emotional state or sensation, or can happen for no obvious reason. General types of tics include verbal tics, facial tics, and other muscular tics. Physical and psychological therapy and medication can cause tics to go away, often permanently. Muscular tics look something like twitches or quick grimaces, and often affect the eyes and hands. Muscular tics can affect multiple muscles at once. Some forms of stuttering are caused by muscular tics in the throat, tongue, or vocal cords when speaking or preparing to speak. According to the reading, tics ----.
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    As it is pointed out in the passage ----.
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    Question 9-10 People seldom feel neutral about poetry. Those who love it sometimes give the impression that it is an adequate substitute for food, shelter, and love. But it isn't. Those who dislike poetry on principle sometimes claim, on the other hand, that poetry is only words and good for nothing. That's not true either. When words represent and recreate genuine human feelings, as they often do in poetry, they can be very important. Poems provide, in fact, a language for feeling, and one of poetry's most insistent merits involves its attempt to express the inexpressible. One of the joys of experiencing poetry occurs when we read a poem and want to say, "yes, that is just what it is like; I know exactly what that line means but I have never been able to express it so well." Poetry can be the voice of our feelings even when our minds are speechless with grief or joy. One can understand from the passage that people ----.
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    One point made by the author in the passage is that poetry ----.
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