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English | IBA-MBA

Grammar Hard 3

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  • 1

    Kaia gave her presentation on Renaissance thinkers dressed as Copernicus.
  • 2

    In argumentation, the “straw man” device is an easily refuted misrepresentation of an opponent’s viewpoint.
  • 3

    Like what happened in the industrial revolution that took place in Europe in the 19th century, the emergence of new industries in modern-day Asia is fraught with complications.
  • 4

    Sandra’s coaching style had been uncompromising and she was more sensitive after many of her players broke down in tears.
  • 5

    Although many universities embrace the responsibility of training students to get jobs, there is more of a focus on learning for elevating the mind among other universities.
  • 6

    Too many students have a tendency of memorizing (A) every formula and procedure they (B) encounter in math class while (C) ignoring the logic and purpose of (D) each concept. No error (E)
  • 7

    The same theory that allows linguists to explain (A) why certain verbs take only transitive or intransitive forms also help (B) psychologists to explain how the human mind processes (C) sensory information from (D)the everyday world. No error (E)
  • 8

    Although (A) everyone on the debate team had  received the same set of instructions, apparently (B) only Ben and me (C) actually took the time to prepare (D) our arguments and list our references. No error (E)
  • 9

    A careful reading of Galileo’s written work and correspondence, which include (A) dozens of letters to his daughter, suggest (B) that his experiment testing the theory of gravitation was (C) in fact conducted (D) at the Leaning Tower of Pisa. No error (E)
  • 10

    Ever since it was declared (A) a finalist for the National Book Award, Morgan’s most recent novel has outsold (B) nearly all of her previous books, with (C) the exception of that of (D) her autobiography. No error (E)
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