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English | IBA-MBA

Grammar Hard 1

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  • 1

    As the investigation concludes, the debate over the origins of the scandal, the merits of the federal investigation, and the legal authority of the prosecutor have intensified greatly.
  • 2

    Excited by the prospect of starting her own business, Kyra’s first decision needed to be where she could rent office space.
  • 3

    Elizabeth is a highly skilled teacher, in addition to being an outstanding pianist and composer, and these are talents she uses to get her students interested in music.
  • 4

    Curators of modern museums understand that they must create exhibits that are not only informative but also attract visitors.
  • 5

    Many absurdist writers, notably Eugene Ionesco, believed that novels and plays need not rely on plot.
  • 6

    Without (A) our permission, our teacher assigned a new research topic to Jose and I (B) only two days before we were (C)to give (D) our presentation. No error (E)
  • 7

    Although statistical methods can rarely prove (A) causality, they can frequently refute (B) theories by demonstrating that no correlation exists (C) between particular effects (D) and their presumed causes. No error (E)
  • 8

    In (A) the central courtyard was (B) over a dozen different varieties of lilies,(C)  meticulously maintained by (D) the gardener. No error (E)
  • 9

    Cara’s constant (A) improving race times demonstrated that her new training regimen (B) had been more effective (C)  than even she had hoped.(D)  No error (E)
  • 10

    The devastation wrought by the hurricane was (A) so widespread (B) that officials had to suspend (C) many government services for an indecisive (D) amount of time. No error (E)
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