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English | IBA-MBA

Grammar Medium 5

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    Western culture has thrived because it values the open inquiry of science more than the closed dogma of state religion.
  • 2

    Enormously creative yet focused on his own commercial success, the film depicts Warhol as a complex and enigmatic figure.
  • 3

    The first African American to lead an Ivy League institution, Ruth Simmons, who has not shrunk from controversial issues regarding the role of the university in American society.
  • 4

    Most animals are able to produce vitamin C internally, but there is no production by humans and therefore they must incorporate it into their diets.
  • 5

    Frustrated by the lack of jobs in his home town, Tyler sought opportunity in the city, leaving behind a myriad of dreamless peers and wasted lives.
  • 6

    If some of the hikers had not took (A) the riskier but shorter route up the mountain, they (B) would probably not have become (C) so widely separated (D) by nightfall. No error (E)
  • 7

    After being (A) led through the museum by a woman which (B) they took to be (C) the curator, the patrons discovered (D) that their tour guide was actually the owner of the museum. No error (E)
  • 8

    The Constitutional Convention of 1787 was (A) a contentious affair for many reasons,(B)  not the least of which was the fact that they (C) brought together so many (D) disparate voices and concerns. No error (E)
  • 9

    When Jerry Lee Lewis recorded Great Balls of Fire in 1957, it (A) instantly established (B) himself as one of the greatest musicians (C) of his time.(D) No error (E)
  • 10

    Because the coach was (A) so preoccupied on (B) developing and practicing trick plays, she did not spend (C) enough time drilling (D) the fundamental skills. No error (E)
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