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Grammar Easy 3

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  • 1

    There are too many legal situations where misrepresentation seems to be standard practice.
  • 2

    By the time the committee adjourned, it had voted on all four key proposals.
  • 3

    One reason that an insect can walk on walls while a human cannot is that the mass of its tiny body is far lower than humans.
  • 4

    Neither of the battling rams appeared to feel the pain of their wounds.
  • 5

    Having passed the test for certification, Mackenzie was looking forward to finding a challenging teaching position in her home town.
  • 6

    No one would have attended (A) the lecture if you told (B) the truth about (C)  the guest speaker (D) . No error (E)
  • 7

    We had better to review (A) this chapter carefully (B) because we will have some (C) questions about it on our test (D) tomorrow. No error (E)
  • 8

    The (A) little boy’s  mother bought him (B) a five-speed (C) bicycle for his (D) birthday. No error (E)

  • 9

    Despite (A) the time of the year, yesterday’s (B) temperature was enough hot (C) to turn on (D) the air conditioning. No error (E)

  • 10

    The Andersons (A) just had (B) an enclosed brick patio (C) built after fighting off (D) the insects for two months. No error (E)
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