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English | IBA-MBA

Vocabulary Easy 5

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  • 1

    His parents’ ______ salary never left them with enough money to afford luxuries such as vacations, new cars, or nice clothes.
  • 2

    Paradoxically, the effects of the hurricane were both ____ and _____; it demolished homes and businesses in its wake, but it spurred an economic revival by creating jobs for many previously unemployed workers.
  • 3

    Despite its innocuous appearance, the fish has a _____ sting.
  • 4

    Because the soldier fought so valiantly, he was ______ by the president who awarded him an honorary medal
  • 5

    During her interview with local students, the dignitary exchanged her _______ public manner for a friendlier, less pretentious one.
  • 6

    It had rained all afternoon, but the fans were still ______ that the baseball game would still be played.
  • 7

    Marullus’ reference to “chimney-tops” during his monologue in Julius Caesar is considered by some historians _______, since such things are unlikely to have existed in Rome in the first century BC.
  • 8

    Rather than endeavoring to write timeless fiction with lasting value, many novelists cater to the _______ tastes of those modern readers who read a book once and then discard it.
  • 9

    The dancer tried to ______ the movements of his teacher, exactly copying every graceful step.
  • 10

    While most people simply walked by, some ______ person stopped to ______ the homeless beggar.
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  • ফলো করো
  • সাবস্ক্রাইব
  • জয়েন করুন ফেসবুক গ্রুপ এ
  • স্টোর
  • প্রাইভেসি পলিসি