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English | IBA-MBA

Vocabulary Easy 3

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  • 1

    Although Rakibul was ______ to admit his guilt, he ultimately confessed that he had stolen Naziba’s wallet.
  • 2

    In order to avoid the death penalty, Galileo was forced to ______ his theories about a heliocentric universe to church authorities.
  • 3

    Far more than being merely ______, the titular character in Herman Melville’s The Confidence-Man appears to be downright ______; most contemporary scholars assume he is a fill-in for the devil
  • 4

    Marcel performed poorly at his audition because the judges were very ______, and he could not overcome how nervous they made him.
  • 5

    The ______ cost of golf makes it a sport of the upper classes; many people cannot pay the price of the equipment, attire, and club membership fees.
  • 6

    Rokib was such a worthless and lazy contributor to the group that his inclusion in it served as ______, rather than an advantage, to the group’s progress.
  • 7

    Holmes was instantly ______ upon meeting the victim’s widow; there was something about her he just did not trust
  • 8

    The melting pot theory of American culture celebrates the ability of immigrants to ______ to American life and reject past ethnic differences to blend in with the rest of the American people
  • 9

    As the artist listened to all the speakers’ admiring speeches at her tribute banquet, she realized for the first time how much she was ______.
  • 10

    The model of ___, Shadman displayed impeccable manners and excellent taste.
খুব শীঘ্রই স্মার্টবুক গুলো চলে আসবে
  • ফলো করো
  • সাবস্ক্রাইব
  • জয়েন করুন ফেসবুক গ্রুপ এ
  • স্টোর
  • প্রাইভেসি পলিসি