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English | IBA-MBA

Vocabulary Easy 2

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  • 1

    Small cars are ______ for large families; they don’t have enough seating or space to be useful.
  • 2

    Ramim’s mother and father both had to______ him from his sleep because he had slept through his alarm and almost missed his ballet class.
  • 3

    It is ______ that this message be delivered to the general, so be absolutely certain he gets it.
  • 4

    The death of the batch coordinator left the study aid center in a state of ______: without a clear successor, conditions rapidly descended into ______.
  • 5

    Once the District Attorney convinced the ______ star witness to testify, her once ______ case suddenly appeared more than sufficient.
  • 6

    In his autobiography, E. Kabir documented the ______ lifestyle he and other members of his club practiced; instead of settling down in one place, many of them would move around from coast to coast.
  • 7

    Being able to afford this luxury car will ______ getting a better paying job.
  • 8

    Until the police were finally able to ______ it, the security camera’s footage was blurry and inconclusive. They later used the images to ______ the criminal.
  • 9

    The outspoken atheist is a harsh critic of religion. His comments seem like ______ to many faithful believers.
  • 10

    Nearly every ancient culture had a myth involving a trickster character, a ______ individual who creates devilry either through cunningness or foolishness
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  • সাবস্ক্রাইব
  • জয়েন করুন ফেসবুক গ্রুপ এ
  • স্টোর
  • প্রাইভেসি পলিসি