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Comprehension Hard 5

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    Question 1-3 The National Health Service of the country was set up in 1948 shortly after the end of the Second World War. Its aim is to provide free medical treatment for all patients who wish to take advantage of the service. However, it is still possible to obtain private medical treatment and in this case the doctor charges a fee. To say that the National Health Service is free is not entirely true. Every employed or self-employed person over sixteen years of age must put a stamp on an insurance card every week. This card is issued by a government department called the Department of Health and Social Security. The stamp costs money and the amount is constantly changing. Part of the cost of this stamp, in fact the greater part, is borne by the employer and it finances the National Health Service together with many other social security benefits. The National Health Service ----.
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    It is stated in the passage that ----.
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    One can infer from the passage that ----.
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    Question 4-5 A group of researchers has demonstrated that pleasure and positive states of mind are better for our health. This new intellectual approach to health is not only more powerful, but also has no side effects. Central to this claim are recent findings that eve n getting an education may add as much as 10 years to your health. That is why National Geographic featured John de Rosen in its book The Incredible Machine, which discussed old age. De Rosen, an artist, continued to paint until the week he died at age 91. The book notes: "Same scientists believe that retirement to a sedentary lifestyle initiates or aggravates medical problems, thus shortening life. According to a study of retired people, adults over 65 can learn a creative skill, like oil painting, as readily as younger students." So retiring from a job in a sense means retiring from life unless supplemented by some other, preferably new activity. It's implied in the passage that De Rosen -----.
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    As Incredible Machine's note suggests some scientists believed that retirement to a sedentary lifestyle ----.
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    Question 6-7 Diana, Princess of Wales, became famous when she decided to marry Prince Charles. She became the most photographed person in the world. Everywhere she went, there were photographers taking pictures of her and people were very interested in her clothes, where she went on holiday and who she was with. They were also interested in the problems between her and her husband. When they divorced she remained very popular. In addition to her image as a 'star', Princess Diana used her influence to attract attention to some charities. She was very sympathetic to all people who were ill and unhappy and dedicated time to helping them and drawing public attention to their problems. She used to visit homeless people regularly and did a lot of work for the National AIDS Trust; she visited people suffering from AIDS. It is implied in the passage that before her marriage to Prince Charles, Diana was ----.
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    It can be understood from the passage that Diana and Charles ----.
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    Question 8-10 Many people with high IQ scores fail to become successful due to a lack of motivation, personality, laziness, or short attention span. In contrast, some people with low IQ results succeed due to personal dedication, vision, systematic effort, and motivation. A low IQ score can be changed through conscious choice and effort. As an analogy, consider a gifted athlete. Some athletes have special talents for a particular sport. However, they fail to perform as well as those even if they are pretty much good at it, for doing that sport depends on a systematic effort. Readers familiar with sports can name several specific examples of this phenomenon. Some very intelligent people can have failures because ----.
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    People with low IQ scores may sometimes be very successful ----.
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    We can infer from the passage that ----.
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