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Comprehension Hard 1

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    Question 4-5 Obese people don't want pity and we don't want anything but a hand up so we can get back to work. Some of us would like to contribute and even pay taxes again but we need some assistance. There are all kinds of programs assisting young people to go to school, like student loans and grants. This really large group of our population could benefit from some sort of program that might involve education, liposuction, special footwear, and a part-time personal trainer who would develop individualized solutions for each person. Let's get some intelligent kind of operation going. Let's develop a war on fat. According to the passage, the obese people want ----.
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    It's understood from the passage that an assistance program ----.
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    Question 1-3 The origins of a written literature can be found in most of the civilizations of the ancient world; in India, China, and among the Jewish people whose great work of literature is taken to present. The start of Western literature is the Old Testament of the Bible. Their greatest single contribution was drama, a form of literature that has continued undiminished to the present day. Other literary forms that developed from the time of the Greeks and Romans onwards have been Poetry in its many different styles and forms; the essay; biography and autobiography; and the novel. According to the passage, ----.
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    Written literature ----.
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    It can be drawn out of the passage that ----.
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    Question 6-7 Life processes are similar in all animals with backbones. So physiologists can find out a lot about the human body by studying animals such as frogs, rats and rabbits. Sometimes research involves the death of these animals. But physiologists take great care not to hurt the animals. The animals are usually put to sleep during the experiments so they do not feel pain. Many people think animals should not be used for experiments. But it is only by physiological research that medicine has been able to advance. Polio is a disease that attacks the nerves. Millions of people have been protected from polio by a fluid called a vaccine. Tissue from monkeys is used to make the vaccine. According to the passage, ----.
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    Experimental researches ----.
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    Question 8-10 Our demand for electricity is climbing so fast that over the next decade our generating capacity must increase by a third. Fossil fuels supply nearly three-quarters of this energy. But the smoke expelling coal, gas, and oil-fired plants are also responsible for half of our air pollution. That might be considered as a small price to pay for progress. But there's an alternative, .one that produces no smoke and can actually create more fuel than it consumes. In many regions it's even cheaper than coal-fired electricity: nuclear power. It may directly bring danger of radioactivity to the mind, but if other types of power didn't present equal and even worse problems, it would make no sense to consider nuclear power at all. But they do. Although 3/4 of the electricity is generated from fossil fuels, ----.
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    It's claimed in the passage that nuclear power ----.
  • 10

    In the passage, the writer is worried that in the future ----.
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