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Comprehension Easy 4

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    Question 1-3 In the 1920s, new technology allowed filmmakers to attach to each film a soundtrack of speech, music and sound effects synchronized with the action on the screen. These sound films were initially distinguished by calling them talking pictures, or talkies. The next major step in the development of cinema was the introduction of color. While the addition of sound to film revolutionized the medium, quickly driving out silent movies, color was adopted more gradually. The public was relatively indifferent to color photography as opposed to black-and-white. But as color processes improved and became as affordable as black-and-white film, more and more movies were filmed in color after the end of World War II, as the industry in America came to view color an essential to attracting audiences in its competition with television, which remained a black-and-white medium until the mid-60s. By the end of the 1960s, color had become the norm for filmmakers. We can understand from the passage that the introduction of sound films ----.
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    It is stated in the reading that ----.
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    One can understand from the passage that ----.
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    Question 4-6 Fictional stories about people who have extraordinary abilities have always attracted people's attention. One of them is the story of Vera Petrova, who is able to perceive things with different parts of her skin, and through solid walls. One day she comes into his father's office and puts her hands on the door of a locked safe. Suddenly she asks her father why he keeps so many old newspapers locked away there. Vera's curious talent is brought to the notice of a scientific research institute and she is given a series of tests by a special commission. During these tests she manages to read a newspaper through an opaque screen and then she describes he figures and colors of a picture hidden under a carpet. During all these tests Vera is blindfold; and, indeed, except when blindfold she lacks the ability to perceive things with her skin. It was also found that although she could perceive things with her fingers this ability ceased the moment her hands were wet. As we understand from the reading, Vera Petrova ----.
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    It is pointed out in the reading that Vera Petrova loses the ability to perceive objects with her fingers ----.
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    According to the reading, ----.
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    Question 7-9 One can write notes either in the novel he or she is reading or in a separate notebook. The advantage of the former method is that it doesn't disturb one's reading too much; disadvantage is that it spoils a book, it affects one's second reading of the novel, there is not always too much room for the notes in the book. One way round these problems is to write brief notes in pencil in a novel as one is reading, then to copy these up and expand them in a separate notebook. These also allow one to copy out brief extracts from the novel which strike one as important, and it means that you file for future reference only notes about which you have thought a second time after having finished reading the novel. It's stated in the passage that ----.
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    According to the passage, ----.
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    The main concern of the passage is ----.
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    First language, also known as mother tongue, is generally the language a person learns first. However, one can have two or more native languages thus being a native bilingual or indeed multilingual. The order in which these languages are learned is not necessarily the order of proficiency. Incomplete first language skills often make learning other languages difficult. Often a child learns the basics of his or her first language or languages from his or her family. The term mother tongue, however, should not be interpreted to mean that it is the language of one's mother. For instance, in some paternal societies, the wife moves in with the husband and thus may have a different first language or dialect than the local language of the husband. Yet their children usually only speak their local language. According to the passage, first language skills ----.
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