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Comprehension Easy 3

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    Question 1-3 Modern scientific and technological developments in the practice of medicine and public health have drawn nursing into new and wider fields of activity, and its functions have been expanded accordingly. Therefore, nursing is no longer limited mainly to activities within the hospital, or to what is called curative nursing. It has become also a community service in which preventive and rehabilitative functions are a vital part of its program. The modern concept of nursing considers the hospital, however central, as only one of many health agencies in the community. As we understand from the reading, today ----.
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    One can infer from the passage that ----.
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    According to the passage, the nurse's function has been expanded because of ----.
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    Question 4-5 When early humans hunted and gathered food, they were not in control of their environment. They could only interact with their surroundings as lower organisms did. When humans learned to make fire, however, they became capable of altering their environment. To provide themselves with fuel they stripped bark from trees, causing the trees to die. Clearings were burned in forests to increase the growth of grass and to provide a greater grazing area for the wild animals that humans fed upon. This development led to farming and the domestication of animals. Fire also provided the means for cooking plants which had previously been inedible. Only when the process of meeting the basic need for food reached a certain level of sophistication was it possible for humans to follow other pursuits such as the founding of cities. This passage is mainly concerned with ----.
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    One can infer from the passage that the discovery of how to make fire ----.
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    Question 6-7 The Great Hanshin earthquake, or the Kobe earthquake as it is more commonly known overseas, was an earthquake in Japan that measured 7.2 on the Japanese Scale. It occurred on January 17, 1995 at 5:46 am 52 seconds in the southern part of Hyogo Prefecture and lasted for approximately 20 seconds. The epicenter of the earthquake was on the northern end of Awaji Island, near the cosmopolitan city of Kobe with a population of 1.5 million. A total of 6,433 people, mainly in the city of Kobe, lost their lives. Additionally, it caused approximately ten trillion yen in damage. It is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the costliest natural disaster. It was the worst. earthquake in Japan since the Great Kanto earthquake in 1923, which claimed 140,000 lives. It is stated in the passage that the number of deaths in the city of Kobe ----.
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    According to the passage, the Kobe earthquake is listed in the Guinness Book of Records because ----.
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    Question 8-10 A recent opinion poll discovered that many people were very concerned about the amount of sex and violence depicted in movies, television shows, and popular music. This poll also discovered, however, that most people thought that individuals should take responsibility to correct the problems. The vast majority favored such solutions as tighter parental supervision, warning labels on records, and voluntary self-restraints by entertainment companies. Only 27 per cent favored government censorship. At the same time, there was growing concern about the impact of television on children. Research has shown that by the time our children reach age 18, they have spent more time watching television than in school. The problem was that our television system was attuned to the marketplace. Children are treated as a market to be sold to advertisers at so much money per thousand eyeballs. According to the reading, to prevent the bad effects of television, only a minority ----.
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    It is stated in the passage that ----.
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    It is emphasized in the reading that ----.
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