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English | IBA-MBA

Grammar Medium 4

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  • 1

    The ice-skating partners, who were never finishing higher than seventh place, surprised their coaches by finally winning a competition.
  • 2

    The oldest known civilization in the Western Hemisphere, the Norte Chico civilization having comprised many interconnected settlements leading to the Peruvian coast.
  • 3

    Walking together in the park, it surprised us to see an acapella group performing on the green.
  • 4

    While visiting (A) my grandparents in Amsterdam, I saw (B) an impressive model of the Rotterdam library roaming (C) through the various exhibits (D) at the Madurodam. No error (E)
  • 5

    Mario Andretti’s name is synonymous to autoracing; he has won Race Car Driver of the Year in three different decades.
  • 6

    Although Allen popularized the use of angstridden monologue in film, the device was not invented by him.
  • 7

    Known for (A) their (B) hunting skill, the heron feeds on (C) fish, frogs, and crustaceans that I grabs (D) with its spear-like beak. No error (E)
  • 8

    Recent polls have shown (A) that the mayor’s improper handling of the tax hike angered (B) a surprising (C) large number of (D) voters. No error (E)
  • 9

    Because the hospital emergency room was clearly understaffed (A) and the entrance bay overran (B) by arriving ambulances, the patients in the waiting room knew they would not see (C) the doctors for a long time.(D)  No error (E)
  • 10

    When Victoria Woodhull was selected (A) by the Equal Rights Party to be its (B) candidate in the 1872 election; she became (C) the first woman to run (D) for President of the United States. No error (E)
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