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English | IBA-MBA

Grammar Easy 2

⏱ 10:00

  • 1

    My favorite activity at this camp is you get to swim.
  • 2

    Harper’s Conservative Party favors lowering taxes and the spending of less money on imports.
  • 3

    The most knowledgeable member of the group, David’s answers to all of the questions were correct.
  • 4

    Children enjoy telling and listening (A) to ghost stories(B),  especially (C) on Halloween night (D). No error (E)
  • 5

    At the rate the clerk processed (A)the applications, Harry figured that it will take (B) four hours for his (C) to be reviewed (D). No error (E)
  • 6

    The harmful effects of alcohol is extensively documented by medical studies.
  • 7

    The monument stood on that site for over eighty years before it was toppled by an earthquake.
  • 8

    George has not (A) completed the assignment (B) yet(C), and Maria hasn’t neither.(D). No error (E)
  • 9

    John decided to buy (A) in the morning a new car (B), but in the afternoon (B) he changed his mind (D). No error (E)
  • 10

    Some of the plants (A) in his store require very little care (B), but this one needs much more sunlight (C) than the other ones (D). No error (E)
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