University English

University English


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    Which is an adequate translation of "চকচক করলেই সোনা হয় না।"
  • 2

    Choose the word that is closest in meaning to the keyword in italic underline The bank charges an exorbitant rate of interest.
  • 3

    Choose the correct sentence-
  • 4

    Fill in the blank with appropriate choice: The government is considering __ a new international airport.
  • 5

    Fill in the blank : The teacher __ student evaluations were the highest won an award.    
  • 6

    Choose the correct verb form : "Central bankers __ themselves ready to tackle the problems likely to be by falling share markets.
  • 7

    Choose the correct option: The government has extended a warm welcome __ the visiting delegation.
  • 8

    Choose the correct verb form: Marine biologists are concerned about the effects of untreated sewage that __ into coastal water.
  • 9

    Substantially' is
  • 10

    The antonym of 'booming' is-
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